Our Weekly Prayer

Prayer from Sierra Leone for Christian Aid Week
The Lord said: “I wish above all things that you may prosper and be of good health.” 
Father, this promise you have given to us. We have pregnant women; you said you wish above all things that they may prosper, and be of good health, and they should come
and bring forth healthy babies. We ask you to move into these hospitals, move into the clinics. Lord, give wisdom to the doctors and nurses to handle these pregnant women
and the babies they bring forth, Lord, with knowledge and understanding, so they may be able to take care of them, so that mothers who are bringing forth children may be happy,
and the fathers may be happy, and the family and the whole community will be happy.
 Father, we ask you to send forth your blessings in every home, in every family, where there are children. Lord, bless them with wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and good health. Make way for them where there seems to be no way, so that they will be able to take care of their children. We ask this in your son’s name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Our News

A WARM WELCOME AWAITS YOU at Insch-Leslie-Premnay-Oyne Parish Church at the SUNDAY SERVICE on MAY 12th at 10.30am which will mark the beginning of Christian Aid Week. ALL WELCOME! SUNDAY CLUB as usual! Please stay behind for refreshments, a fine piece and a friendly blether.

THERE IS A RETIRING COLLECTION FOR CHRISTIAN AID! Thanking you in anticipation of your usual generosity.

INVERURIE FOODBANK has a new wish list for MAY: UHT milk; tinned fruit; tinned tomatoes; powdered milk tinned veg; tins of cold meat (ham, corned beef, spam); razors/shaving foam; kitchen roll. “Thank you all very much for your generosity.”
Between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019, the Trussell Trust’s food bank network distributed 1.6 million three-day emergency food supplies to people in crisis, a 19% increase on the previous year. More than half a million of these went to children. You can read more about the UK picture on the Trussell Trust website ( It doesn’t make very happy reading. In Aberdeenshire, Aberdeenshire North’s network of foodbanks provided 3927 three-day emergency food parcels to local people between April 2018 to March 2019. Of this number, 1264 went to children. This represents a 31% increase on the same period last year, higher than the national figure.

For the next month please keep the Rev. Alison Swindells, Office Bearers and congregation of Tarves and Barthol Chapel in your prayers, asking for good health for the minister and office bearers; wisdom in stewardship; fruitfulness in outreach; and may the church always be a friendly and welcoming place.

Our cleaner and church hall keeper is Mrs Diane McCallum. You can contact Diane on 07828 456651.

We have had lovely THANK YOU NOTES from Insch Guides, Insch Primary School and Foudland Court who all benefitted from donations from the proceeds of The Production and have voiced their appreciation.

STAMP APPEAL: March 2019 - February 2020 marks 50 years of stamp appeals. This year the appeal is supporting Chigodi Women's Centre, Blantyre, Malawi who deliver a broad range of skills training to address the challenges faced by the women in Malawi. Please keep your stamps coming. Please ensure they are intact. Rather leave the whole envelope than damage the stamp. If anyone wants to help trimming and sorting the stamps, let Pat Duncan know, and we can arrange how best to do that.

Grateful thanks to Mrs Margaret Laing and her helpers who provided refreshments at the Buchan Crafters and raised a small donation to the church.

SINCERE THANKS TO ALL VOLUNTEERS including INSCH GUIDES who are to carry out the door to door collections during this coming Christian Aid Week. The collection raises a considerable amount of money which is especially important this year as we have had to cancel the G and Tea which means a considerable loss of income from our area. Thank you very much to Mrs Marian McCallum our door to door organiser. We wish her and our volunteers all the very best. Thank you!

Dr. Kay is resigning as the Convenor of the Christian Aid Committee. The new convenor does not have to be a Session or Board Member. Please think about taking this position on as fresh ideas for next year would be warmly welcomed. Perhaps a couple of people would be willing to share the task and there is a hard working committee.

Dr. Kay has been working very hard since her last holiday in November of 2018, and has not had a full Monday off this year. Please respect that Monday is her day off. If you send her a message, text, e-mail, WhatsApp, or leave a ‘phone message, she feels obliged to answer and is not getting a rest. Please wait until the Tuesday unless it is an emergency. Thank you.

MONDAY 13th MAY: The Bible study group meets in the HALL at 7pm. ALL WELCOME.

TUESDAY 14th MAY: The Annual Stated Meeting will take place at 7.30pm. As this is taking place during what should have been Dr. Kay’s time off, a good turn out is expected. Please come and learn about the work of the church. Thank you. Refreshments served afterwards.

FRIDAY 17th MAY: “The Kirk Cafe” in partnership with the Friends of Insch Hospital! We look forward to all ages joining us for a blether and fine pieces. There will be entertainment by children of P5/6R from Insch Primary School from 10.45am to 11am. This is a way for all ages to mix and to integrate into the community. Please do let us know of anyone who would like to come and either be transported or escorted. Grateful thanks to all those who have volunteered to bake and serve in order that it may continue, and to those who have volunteered to transport folk.


TUESDAY 21st MAY and WEDNESDAY 22nd of MAY: Dr. Kay will be taking these two days off as both Solomon and Sheba are going down to St. Monan’s to see the specialist vet.

FRIDAY 31st MAY KIRK CAFE with the children from Dreams.

SUNDAY 2nd JUNE DORIC SERVICE with guests Strathbogie Fiddlers, Helen Wood, Frances Mitchell, well known speaker Jim Brown; Gavin McWilliam and Adam Christie.

AFTER THE DORIC SERVICE there will be a Hunger Lunch in order to try and make up some of the shortfall for Christian Aid this year. Please support.

FRIDAY 29th MARCH F.R.O.M. Silver Band Concert in the church. They are donating HALF of their PROCEEDS to the church in exchange for help in making the teas! Thank you to F.R.O.M.

SATURDAY 6th APRIL 2pm - 4pm Afternoon Daffodil Tea.

THURSDAY 19th APRIL MAUNDY THURSDAY SERVICE in Insch-Leslie-Premnay-Oyne Parish Church.

FRIDAY 20th APRIL GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE in Insch-Leslie-Premnay-Oyne Parish Church.

EASTER SUNDAY 21st APRIL Easter Breakfast from 9am; Easter Communion 9.15am.
EASTER FAMILY SERVICE as usual at 10.30am.


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