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Our Weekly Prayer

Creator God, winter has come and it is grey, cold and bitter; yet there are also moments of beauty in the soft rose rays of the rising sun and the glorious glow of the setting sun. During this Advent Season we are on a journey.

For some of us it is a terrible journey through the greyness of confusion over where our lives are going; the cold of rejection by others; the bitterness that happiness and success have been snatched from us. And yet, God of mercy and compassion, You give us signs of hope in the rose rays of the rising sun that, through our confusion, there is a path which leads us to a better dawn; and through the glorious glow of the setting sun we can find the warmth and comfort of love and the peace to overcome bitterness.

Advent God, come to us. Come into our hearts and melt the ice which has formed. Come into our lives and prompt us to remember that true riches are not in fame and fortune but are in loving relationships with You and with one another. Bless us with the rising and setting of Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. (K.F.G.)

Our News

A VERY WARM WELCOME AWAITS YOU at INSCH-LESLIE-PREMNAY-OYNE Parish Church at 10.30am on Sunday the 9th December, the second Sunday in Advent. Please stay after the service for refreshments, a fine piece and a wee blether. ALL WELCOME. SUNDAY CLUB as usual.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO HELEN and STANLEY WOOD who, between the donations for Helen’s CD and for Stanley’s 50th birthday, have donated a total of £1, 383 to the Fabric Fun for the renovation of the toilets. We appreciate their thoughtfulness and kindness.

INVERURIE FOODBANK has sent the following message: “We are so appreciative of the fact that your members are paying heed to what we are asking for because it’s making a huge difference to filling gaps in our stocks at the warehouse.” This MONTH the food bank is VERY SHORT of packets of instant noodles (no cooking required); packets of cereal bars; dried milk powder; long life fruit juice; tins of custard; biscuits (sweet or savoury). We would also be delighted to receive: tins of meat (stewed steak/mince and peas/hot dogs etc.); UHT Milk (full cream or semi-skimmed); Pot Noodles; tins of fish; packets of flavoured couscous; bars of chocolate.
Merry Christmas to you all from the Food Bank volunteers. Thank you for supporting us throughout the year.

SINCERE and GRATEFUL THANKS to all those who made the St. Andrew’s Night Supper such a great success! Weel dane! The amount raised (after food and drinks have been paid) is £1, 010 which does not include the toilet hamper squares. This money is going to the renovation of our toilets.

Dr. Kay would like volunteer readers for the Service of Lessons and Carols on Sunday the 23rd of December. If you would like to help, then please write your name and ‘phone number on the sheet in the foyer. Thanking you in anticipation of your help.

Dr. Kay received bad news this week. Her eight month old puppy, Solomon, has been diagnosed with dysplasia in both hips and will require two hip replacements. If anyone is willing to come and sit with Solomon after he has had his operation and when Dr. Kay is out working, then please let her know. Otherwise she may have to take time off. Just waiting on a date for the first operation.

If you were at the service when Dr. Kay was inducted, you will remember that Wendy Carr, a Keith lass and the daughter of Mr Iain Carr, former head of music at Huntly Gordon Schools, sang a beautiful hymn. Wendy is part of “Ida”, London’s leading classical-crossover girl group. In other words, they are a female Il Diva or G4. ( They have appeared on television and have been very busy in London over the summer. They have just returned from performing in Australia to record their first ever Christmas album and they would love to enter the Official Classical Charts this December. You can help them get there. Please pick up a leaflet in the foyer and, if you can, help them to make the charts, for they certainly deserve to be there. Please pass on a leaflet to anyone you think would enjoy their wonderful singing with amazing harmonies, all composed by the girls themselves. Thank you.

ON CHRISTMAS DAY, THE COMMERCIAL HOTEL is putting on a FREE LUNCH to all those who will be on their own on Christmas Day, whether young or old. If you would like to come to lunch, please get in touch with Dr. Kay and she will arrange transport in liaison with the acting manager of the hotel, Letitia. It is hoped there will be a good turn out for Santa is also attending! If you know of anyone who would benefit from this, please pass this message on and encourage them to come.

THE CHOIR PRACTICES have resumed on Thursday mornings at 11am in the small hall. NEW MEMBERS WELCOME! Come on lads!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL THOSE who have volunteered to help at the Drumdarroch House Christmas Service on the 5th of December at 2.30pm. The service is usually the first Wednesday of the month (with the exception of January). If you can come to the next service in January, or any service next year, please give your name to Mrs Anne Campbell on 01464 841318. Thanking you in anticipation of your help.

For the next month please keep the Minister, Office Bearers and congregation of Meldrum and Bourtie in your prayers, asking for good health for the minister, Rev. Alison Jaffray and help and support where she needs it; for a new vision and spiritual energy for the office bearers and congregation; for affirmation of the work they already do in the parish, asking for new doors to open wide.


SUNDAY 9th DECEMBER at 3 pm in the church - “GREASE LIGHTNING - THE NATIVITY” rehearsal at 3pm.

MONDAY DECEMBER 10th THE BIBLE STUDY GROUP meets in the hall at 7pm.

SATURDAY 15th DECEMBER from 2 pm to 4pm Young at Heart Christmas Party.

SUNDAY 16th DECEMBER NATIVITY SERVICE with our children. As it is the fortieth anniversary of the musical “Grease”, we will be putting on “GREASE LIGHTNING! THE NATIVITY!” ALL welcome. Followed by mulled wine/hot drinks and mince pies and fine pieces!




FRIDAY 21st DECEMBER at 9.30am in the church: Insch Primary School Service.

SUNDAY 23rd DECEMBER Service of Lessons and Carols at 10.30am.


MONDAY 24th DECEMBER at 11.30pm in INSCH-LESLIE-PREMNAY-OYNE Parish Church, WATCHNIGHT Candlelight Service with guests Helen Wood and Country and Western Singer Raymond Peters, et al.

TUESDAY 26th DECEMBER Dr. Kay sleeping! Do not disturb! Zzzzzzzzzzz!

DRUMDARROCH HOUSE services are on the first Wednesday of the month at 2.30pm.

FOUDLAND COURT services are on the third Sunday of the month at 2 pm except for December when a different date is set.

COMMUNION: The formal Act of Holy Communion will be conducted on Sunday 30th April 2017 and Sunday 29th October 2017 at 10.30 am and at 6pm. The minister is happy to conduct Home Communions on request. There are a number of Services of Meditation and informal Communion throughout the year. Please see Facebook pageor contact Dr. Kay F. Gauld.

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY: we are joined by the Uniformed Organisations and ex-service personnel. At the end of the service we parade to the War Memorial which is situated inside Insch War Memorial Hospital. In 2017 there is a possibility that there may be Remembrance Services at Premnay and at Leslie.

ANNUAL DORIC SERVICE with the Strathbogie Fiddlers, singer Helen Wood, Doric speaker Frances Mitchell and other guests on the first Sunday in June.

HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICE is on the second Sunday in October when the church is made stunningly beautiful by members of the congregation. The church is open in the afternoon from 2-4pm to view the floral arrangements.


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