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Our Weekly Prayer

God of love, we are now on our journey through Lent. As You gave Jesus the courage and strength to overcome temptation, we pray for that same courage and strength to resist the ways of the world that shackle nations to poverty and starvation; deny children education or a safe place of refuge; abuse men, women and children for self-gratification and power; hurt and destroy lives and relationships.

God of love, may we follow in the ways of Jesus and never be afraid to speak out and stand up for equality and justice. We pray for all those who work for Oxfam that they may not be tarred with the same brush as those who are guilty of the exploitation of women and girls in their deepest hour of need. Prompt us to remember the millions of people who have been truly helped by the aid given by Oxfam, especially in times of natural disaster. If there are retaliations and donations to Oxfam and other charities are withheld, then the people who need the most help will only be further crushed to desperation and misery.

God of love, no matter how arduous and painful the Lent path is, help us to journey with Jesus to the Cross and beyond for, beyond failure there is victory; beyond the darkness there is light; beyond the suffering there is love and compassion; beyond death, there is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, Amen. (KFG)

Our News

A WARM WELCOME TO ALL at Insch-Leslie-Premnay-Oyne Parish Church at our Sunday morning worship at 10.30am.
SUNDAY CLUB as usual.

Please stay for refreshments, a fine cup of tea, a fancy piece and a blether. We would be delighted to see you on this first Sunday in Lent.

PLEASE NOTE there is a Stewardship Meeting at the Manse on Tuesday 20th. February at 7 pm. Thank you!

-Small Puddings (individual jellies/fruit)
-Powdered milk; Instant mash; Cereal Bars;
-Sponge puddings; Toothpaste and Toothbrushes; Shaving Gel/Foam, Razors.
Thank you for your continuing support!
IF YOU CAN, PLEASE BRING ANY OF THE ABOVE ITEMS TO CHURCH and the Food Bank will collect them from us. Thanking you for your usual generosity. People in our parish are given vouchers for the food bank.

FRIDAY 2nd MARCH - BEETLE DRIVE 6.30pm for 7 pm: TICKETS ON SALE on SUNDAY. You will find them in the vestibule. Adult £2.50; Child £1. Price includes refreshments.

VOLUNTEERS please to bake for the Beetle Drive. If you can help in any way, please put your name on the sheet at the door along with the details of what you can provide. There will be a raffle and a children’s stall if you would like to donate to these rather than bake. Your help and generosity are greatly appreciated. PLEASE SUPPORT. It’s a great social occasion for all ages.

LENT began on FEBRUARY 14th! Dr. Kay is now on her Lent sponsored diet. If you would like to encourage her, please sponsor her. She would be delighted if others joined her as usual. No biscuits, cakes chocolate or sweets to be eaten for the forty days of Lent. Sponsor forms are in the vestibule. Please pick one up.

A very simple way for us to raise money for Christian Aid is to follow its “COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS” - Thoughts through Lent”. Each day there is a short fact given and a reflection about poverty in our world. Some days you may be asked to give 10p for very kind of vegetable you have eaten on that day, on other days you will be asked to given nothing. At the end of the six weeks you will be surprised how much you have donated by giving a few pence or a pound here and there. Please do not send your money to Christian Aid yourself. On Easter Day all monies should be handed to Dr. Kay, Aileen McLean or Mrs Anne Campbell who will add the donations together to make one total from our congregation. Please pick up a form at the door and give it a try! Thank you!

CHRISTIAN AID is inviting you to attend one of its gatherings: Dumfries, St John the Evangelist – Friday 23rd February 2018 – 2pm to 5pm; Dunblane, Cathedral Halls – Saturday 24th February 2018 – 10am to 1pm; Edinburgh Augustine United Church – 28th February 2018 – 10.45am to 3pm; Aberdeen Holburn West Church – Thursday 1st March 2018 – 10am to 1pm.
Please do let us know who will be attending. RSVP to or 0141 221 7475. Come and celebrate the work of our partners and learn how they are transforming lives by standing up to climate change, overcoming inequality and tackling injustice. Hear from Sally Foster-Fulton, Head of Christian Aid Scotland, and discover new ways to support Christian Aid’s work.
Be inspired to raise awareness, to raise money and to raise your voice.

In the near future the church will be able to claim more than three and half thousand pounds from HMRC for tax paid on donations which have been gift aided in 2017. If you would like the church to reclaim the tax that you have already paid on the money you donate to the church - please consult Anne Campbell (tel. 841318) about signing a "gift aid declaration". There are several different ways to make that donation:- as a single donation, in the weekly collection or by a banker's order or direct debit – whichever is most convenient to you. 

VOLUNTEERS-We are looking for volunteers to do the following: bookkeeping work for the accounts (the OSCAR forms would still be done by the accountant); and issuing the bills for the hire of the hall which would not be arduous once the template is set up. Thanking you in anticipation of your help.

VOLUNTEERS PLEASE We are sorry to hear that Amanda will be off work for some time. Should you wish to send her a note, please ask Dr. Kay for her address. It would be encouraging for her to hear from members of the congregation. We will keep her in our prayers. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all those who have volunteered to do the Beadle’s job over the next couple of months. Your help is greatly appreciated.

FLOWER ROTA: If anyone would like to arrange flowers for the church, then please add your name to the rota in the foyer. If you would like to donate money and have someone else arrange them for you, then please see Mrs Margaret Mack. thanking you in anticipation of your help.

SUNDAY 18th FEBRUARY 2018 Founland Court Service at 1.45 pm.

SUNDAY 18th FEBRUARY at 3pm THE PRODUCTION CAST meet in the church to begin rehearsals.

MONDAY 19th FEBRUARY the Bible Study meets in the hall at 7 pm.

TUESDAY 20th FEBRUARY The Work Party meets at 2pm in the hall.

TUESDAY 20TH FEBRUARY Stewardship Meeting at the Manse at 7 pm. 

FRIDAY 23rd FEBRUARY Coffee Morning from 10am-noon in the hall.

SUNDAY 25th FEBRUARY Thinking Day Service with some of the Uniformed Organisations.

FRIDAY 2nd MARCH The Guild World Day of Prayer Service takes place in the lounge at Foudland Court at 2pm. ALL WELCOME.

TUESDAY 6th MARCH The Work Party meets in the hall at 2pm.


WEDNESDAY 22nd MARCH at 7.3-pm in the church - the Annual Stated Meeting followed by tea.

SATURDAY 24th MARCH - Daffodil Tea and stalls 2pm to 4 pm.

THE CHOIR REHEARSES every Thursday morning at 11am in the hall. ALL WELCOME TO JOIN.

DRUMDARROCH HOUSE services are on the first Wednesday of the month at 2.30pm.

FOUDLAND COURT services are on the third Sunday of the month at 2 pm except for December when a different date is set.

COMMUNION: The formal Act of Holy Communion will be conducted on Sunday 30th April 2017 and Sunday 29th October 2017 at 10.30 am and at 6pm. The minister is happy to conduct Home Communions on request. There are a number of Services of Meditation and informal Communion throughout the year. Please see Facebook pageor contact Dr. Kay F. Gauld.

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY: we are joined by the Uniformed Organisations and ex-service personnel. At the end of the service we parade to the War Memorial which is situated inside Insch War Memorial Hospital. In 2017 there is a possibility that there may be Remembrance Services at Premnay and at Leslie.

ANNUAL DORIC SERVICE with the Strathbogie Fiddlers, singer Helen Wood, Doric speaker Frances Mitchell and other guests on the first Sunday in June.

HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICE is on the second Sunday in October when the church is made stunningly beautiful by members of the congregation. The church is open in the afternoon from 2-4pm to view the floral arrangements.


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