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Please print and take to church with you. Thank you. Dr. Kay looks forward to seeing you there! 


Our Weekly Prayer

God of love and God the Master builder, You have built a vast universe that our tiny minds cannot grasp. You have also designed all of us and built us into the people we are. Your trowel gently scrapes away our faults and failings that we may stand firm and unmovable as living bricks on Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Cornerstone.

God the Master Builder, You hold the extension plans of Your Kingdom in Your Hands. As our world changes at incredible speed, we allow our fears to tell us that our building work for Your Kingdom is crumbling around us and we worry that we do not have the resources to renovate and modernise Your Church.

Help us to trust in Your plans and designs, not in ours, that we may stand secure on the Cornerstone, Jesus Christ, who cements us together in Christian love, respect and service.

God of the past, the present and the future, fill our hearts with anticipation and excitement for a building programme in the days ahead that helps us to work shoulder to shoulder with You as our Foreman. Some of us may be “old bricks” but You will build us again into a living memorial to your Son, Jesus Christ, for Your building work is eternal. Bless us as partners in the work of Your new extension where Your Light will disperse the darkness of our doubts and where we will meet with You in joy! Hallelujah! Amen. (KFG)

Our News

A WARM WELCOME AWAITS YOU at INSCH-LESLIE-PREMNAY-OYNE PARISH CHURCH on SUNDAY 20th of September at 10.30am. A WARM WELCOME to ALL, especially the SUNDAY CLUB and VISITORS. Apologies, there will be NO refreshments until further notice.

OUR SECOND SERVICE IS AT 4pm when we have the joy of celebrating twin boys! They are SO cute and delightful!  

SPECIAL INTIMATION: Would you please be so kind as to book your seats for church services through Diane McCallum on 07828 456651. With more people returning to church, we would be upset at having to turn people away. If you wish to tell Diane that you will be here every week, every second week or once a month, then that’s fine. If there is then any week you can’t manage, you would also need to let her know so she can fit others in. 

Dr Kay has now resumed taking her day off on a Monday.

STUDENT Angela May will be with us every second Sunday morning. We hope she enjoys her time with us.

Should anyone like to set up a monthly standing order to the church, please get in touch with Dr Kay or Diane McCallum for the bank account details. Thank you. Your support and help to make our church sustainable is most appreciated.

Thank you very much to Graham Barrack for cutting the Manse Hedge! It became a bit wild during lockdown! Grateful thanks to Graham for its makeover!  

Anyone who wishes to make a donation either to the national funds of the Church of Scotland or to our own congregation can do so by visiting our website Home page or and by clicking on the donate button. All donations made to our congregation will be returned to us, thus enabling members and adherents to continue to make their regular offering or to make a special donation to enable the Church's work to continue at this difficult time. Should anyone like to set up a monthly standing order to the church, please get in touch with Dr. Kay or Diane McCallum for the bank account details. Thank you. Your support and help to make our church sustainable is most appreciated.

Please remember Christian Aid in your prayers and in your giving if you can. Thank you. You can donate online at: or call 0845 700 0300. The date of the Harvest Thanksgiving Service will be the 18th of October. On that day there will also be the opportunity to donate to Christian Aid, so there will be two differently marked offering plates. Thank you.

THE CROSSREACH CHRISTMAS CARDS and CALENDARS catalogue can be found at from the 1st SEPTEMBER. Paper copies of the Catalogue will be sent to previous Customers at the end of this week. You can request your paper copy of the Catalogue by emailing us at, or by phoning us on 0131 454 4374.

WE are still collecting for the INVERURIE FOOD BANK. Their September wish list is: jam, marmalade, small jars of coffee; jars of sauce (pasta, Sweet and Sour, Curry etc.); Instant Mash; and chocolate bars (100g are ideal). Currently we have good supplies of pasta, soup, beans, tomatoes and tea bags, thanks to your generosity. Thank you for your continuing support and stay safe!

ADVANCE NOTICE that we will be making up Christmas hampers for our own Food Bank families and we will also be making up Christmas Hampers to raffle and raise funds for the church. So if you see any suitable festive food items or treats, then please let us know or kindly donate them. Thank you.

Six members of the Session met with six member of Strathbogie and Drumblade Church and had a fruitful conversation about working together in the future. We are now waiting on a date to meet with representatives of Huntly Parish Church.  

THE COMMUNITY FOOD BANK has now closed. We are continuing to support numerous families and elderly people on a weekly basis. Should you require help, please contact Dr. Kay who can assure you of confidentiality.

MONDAY 21st of SEPTEMBER to MONDAY 28th SEPTEMBER Dr. Kay is on holiday. Thank you very much to Rev. Alan Greig for conducting her Sunday service on the 28th. Should anyone require any pastoral care, please ‘phone the Rev. Tommy Calder on 01466 792630.

FRIDAY 25th SEPTEMBER from 12.30-13.30pm sees the first of a monthly series of webinars arranged by the Recruitment Team based at 121 George Street in Edinburgh. Each Webinar will give the opportunity to hear the personal story of someone who has been on a ministry journey, inviting those in attendance to consider and reflect on their own story and the steps and stages along the way.
There will be an opportunity to consider local ministry development, as well as time for Q&As and the chance to connect online with others who are similarly exploring their journey and where it might lead.
The Recruitment Team will also give an insight into Discernment for the recognised ministries and what they can do to support applicants further.
The Webinars will be hosted on Microsoft Teams monthly from Sep- Mar (omitting December), alternating between day and evening to offer maximum choice. The first one is on 25th September 1230-1330pm with the Rt. Rev. Dr. Martin Fair, Moderator of the Church of Scotland.

SUNDAY 18th OCTOBER: Ordination and Admission of new elders during the HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICE. There will be an offering that day for Christian Aid. Thank you.

THE FESTIVAL OF SCARECROWS will take place this year in the school holidays from the 17th to the 20th October. The theme is BOOKS! Any book you like!
Entry will be by e-mail to and the entry fee should be popped through her door. If you don’t have e-mail, please ‘phone her for an entry form.
TREASURE HUNTS will be on sale at the door of the church hall at specific times during the four days. Sorry, there are no teas or raffle this year. Any funds raised will go the the church which, because it was closed down, had little income from March to late July.
The judges this year will be those who do the treasure hunt! There will be a form attached to the treasure hunt to vote for your favourite three. These forms should all be popped through the door of the manse. After 72 hours, they will be marked/counted and the winners announced. There will be small prizes as usual. More details to be announced soon.  


PLEASE ADHERE to the rules though and read our Trace and Protect arrangements.

At the church the doors will be open for you to enter. Please use the hand gel and THEN help yourself to a mask should you require one. Apologies, but you may not be able to sit in your usual pews because of the one way system and because of self-distancing for two metres. Please follow the one way system in and out of church.  

The Minister will use the back door but will come round to the street to greet you. 

Dr. Kay looks forward to seeing those who would like to come back to church, but come back when you feel comfortable to do so. She also looks forward to seeing new faces too. We are restricted to fifty people, so she will be putting out a questionnaire to see when you would like a second service. She is not anticipating over fifty on the first Sunday, but if more than fifty turn up, then she will do a second service outside, or after the church has been cleaned.  

Donate Online

Church of Scotland ministers are reaching out by phone or online to provide pastoral care and spiritual support to people who need reassurance, hope and comfort. Many are supporting our key workers and their families as they continue to deliver vital services. They are caring for bereaved families amid challenging restrictions.

In addition, many churches are providing critical community services such as running foodbanks and feeding the hungry and homeless. A donation from you can help support the Church's work in your area and ensure the Church is sufficiently equipped and resourced to face these challenging times.

Whether you are a church member who wants to continue to give your regular offering to your own congregation or a friend to the Church who is moved to contribute for the good of your community, we want to help you support the Church in whichever way you feel led.


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Presbytery of Gordon
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Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback will be appreciated.